How do you know if your life is real when everything is just so unbelievable?! I’m at a point in my life where lots of very strange things have happened in such a succession that I’ve had moments where I’m pretty sure I’ve crossed through some sort of rip in the space time continuum.

I put forth for your consideration:

The other morning, I was driving across a long stretch of highway up north, the road was winding and remote the fog was so thick I could barely tell where I was, it was like out of some creepy horror movie, I hadn’t seen any other humans in a long time. I was getting that eerie kind of sensation the kind where you lose track of reality everything seems a little odd, then as I am rounding a bend and cresting a hill at the same time I see something breaking through the fog ahead of me. The shape seems very unfamiliar and out of place, as my mind struggled to put together what I was seeing, it slowly dawned on me that what I saw was two large horses galloping and snorting as they pulled a carriage up over the hill.

So, what next?! Vampires?! Zombies?!

Had I slipped back into the 1800s?! Was this really a horror movie?! My mind searched for answers as I saw another carriage, different from the last, as I was driving I continued seeing carriage after carriage, and yet no other signs of life, no cars, no trucks… no movement. Just carriage after carriage appearing out of the pea soup thick fog. They were creepy weird carriages where you couldn’t see the people that must have been in them.

My mind was racing, trying to figure out how I could tell if what I thought I was experiencing was real. Slowly I came to the realization that the night before I had seen one of those “horsedrawn carriage” warning signs somewhere in this area and the fact that it was a Sunday morning there was a pretty good chance that this was some route either to or from a church, so I reassured myself that I had a reasonable explanation for this experience.

I had just calmed down from that when I got a little further and as I was cresting another hill I realize that I’m looking directly into the headlights of a car that is passing a line of traffic going up a hill in a no passing zone in thick fog. As I’m attempting to decide if that person is going to be able to pull back into that line of traffic before we meet in a head on collision of fiery death I notice out of the corner of my eye a bird taking off towards the road. I’m not phased by the bird taking off because well… that’s what birds do, so I keep my eye on the impending disaster.

All of a sudden, I am shocked by a huge *CRACK* as the very large bird makes very violent contact with the top of my windshield in such a way that it shakes the entire car! The noise and location of the impact coupled with the amount of blood and feathers that were now attached to the front of my car led me to believe that there just might be some body damage.


This does worry me, however I don’t have time to deal with that because I’m still making sure I’m not about to die. Thankfully someone in the line of traffic let the guy back in at the last minute, but not before the rushing adrenaline had turned my guts into a painful knot of what could only be vile liquid looking for a quick escape….

So.. you can imagine how this would all make me think there was something wrong with ‘reality’ or possibly with my experience of ‘reality’. What followed was a buttclenching 20 minutes of back country driving looking for somewhere I could safely pull over to poop… oh and assess the state of the damage to the vehicle. Thankfully, I then drove through a rain storm (or was it the other side of the wormhole?) which both cleaned most of the guts off the car and also cleared the fog and shortly thereafter like a beacon of civilization I found a place to poop (oh and determine there was no permanent damage to the car)!

And just like that, all was again right with the world.

Or was it?

~Elena <3

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